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Keeper of Time is a 2022 documentary film by Michael Culyba and produced, in part, by Massena LAB. Keeper of Time explores the astonishing and beautiful world of mechanical watchmaking while contemplating the theoretical and philosophical notions of time, aging and mortality. Along with interviews from cutting-edge scholars in the fields of theoretical physics, physiology and philosophy, Keeper of Time features the stories of four of the best independent watchmakers in the world—Philippe Dufour, Roger W. Smith, François-Paul Journe and Maximilian Büsser.

For more information, or to view the documentary, visit the film's website.


Director: Michael Culyba

Producers: Michael Culyba & Shelby Siegel

Production: Tourbillon Film Works in association with The Hour Glass & Massena LAB

Executive Producers: Michael Tay, John Reardon, Eric Ku, William Massena, Andrew Jarecki, Nancy Jarecki, William H. Julien, Brian Smarsh, Joyce Culyba

Directors of Photography: Ben Wolf, Luke Geissbühler

Editor: Michael Culyba

Composer: Max Avery-Lichtenstein


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