“No poem is intended for the reader,

no picture for the beholder,

no symphony for the listener.”

— Walter Benjamin

Zoom Magraph by Massena LAB and Raúl Pagès
Zoom Magraph by Massena LAB and Raúl Pagès
Zoom Magraph by Massena LAB and Raúl Pagès
Zoom Magraph by Massena LAB and Raúl Pagès
Zoom Magraph by Massena LAB and Raúl Pagès
Zoom Magraph by Massena LAB and Raúl Pagès
Zoom Magraph by Massena LAB and Raúl Pagès
Zoom Magraph by Massena LAB and Raúl Pagès
Zoom Magraph by Massena LAB and Raúl Pagès
Zoom Magraph by Massena LAB and Raúl Pagès
Zoom Magraph by Massena LAB and Raúl Pagès
Zoom Magraph by Massena LAB and Raúl Pagès

Magraph by Massena LAB and Raúl Pagès

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We are proud to present the Magraph by Massena LAB and Raúl Pagès, our first collaboration with Raúl Pagès, and his first ever with another brand. 

The release of the Magraph marks the beginning of a new chapter for Massena LAB. The Magraph features, for the first time ever, a Massena LAB proprietary movement: the M660, designed by Raúl Pagès in Switzerland 

The M660 is a manual-winding, 4Hz movement, with a power reserve of 60 hours, and 21 jewels. The M660 features a handsome, broad plate with Côtes de Genève finishing and hand-chamfered anglage on its plates and bridges, all of which is visible through its exhibition caseback. Tucked under its balance wheel is the hidden mark of Raúl Pagès: "La tortue," or tortoise. Surrounding this stamped signature, or poinçon Pagès, are overlapping decorative circles or perlage. This degree of movement finishing demonstrates a level of artistry and skill that is more akin to a luxury timepiece three times its price.

The dial of the Magraph is inspired by Bauhaus art and design of the 1930s, which favors simple geometric shapes against elaborate ornamentation. The watch is minimal, precise, but expressive. The dial is a subtle off-white, with a rhodium-plated and circularly-rained outermost sector ring. The dial is then intersected with a radially grooved small-seconds subsidiary dial at 6 o'clock. 

The case of the Magraph is inspired by dress watches of the 1930s and 40s and is made of 316L stainless, measuring 38.5mm. Happily, the case features an exhibition case back, allowing the M660 to be admired through a layer of non-reflective, Sapphire crystal.

Paired with the Magraph is a strap made from rubber-lined, sustainable sturgeon skin designed exclusively for Massena LAB by Jean Rousseau Paris in a deep indigo color with turquoise accents.

The Magraph by Massena LAB and Raúl Pagès is limited to 99 pieces, with delivery to be confirmed on a case-by-case basis with first deliveries starting in December 2022. Deliveries will then be made at a pace of approximately fifteen to twenty watches per month.

Limit of one watch per household.

Price: US $8,675.

Deposit of US $2000 required to confirm order.


Raúl Pagès is an independent Swiss watchmaker based in Les Brenets, Switzerland and a member of the Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants (AHCI).

Before working on the Magraph, Pagès is best-known for his "Tortue" automaton, a pièce unique made from over 352 handmade components; "Soberly Onyx", a limited-series of ten timepieces released in 2016; and, most recently, his "Régulateur à détente RP1."

“For me, the idea of doing a collaboration, my first ever, was an exciting and rewarding challenge. I am proud to have worked with Massena LAB on the design of the new caliber M660 and the Magraph, and I am excited to finally share it with the public.”


Technical Details Magraph by Massena LAB and Raúl Pagès.
Movement Manual-winding, Massena LAB proprietary caliber M660. Designed by Massena LAB in collaboration with Raúl Pagès.
Functions Hours, minutes, small seconds.
Dial Off-white sector dial with a circularly grained rhodium-plated outer ring. Radially-grooved, subsidiary dial for the small seconds.
Case 316L stainless steel, inspired by highly-collectible watches from the 1940s and 50s.
Crystal Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on each side. Exhibition case back also with sapphire crystal.


The Magraph features watch straps by Jean Rousseau Paris designed exclusively for Massena LAB. The straps are constructed from sustainably-sourced sturgeon skin, dyed deep indigo, and painted with iridescent, turquoise accents. The straps are then lined with rubber. Sturgeon skin is a naturally water-resistant, durable leather, which develops a unique patina over time. Its textured pattern results from its naturally occurring spicules, which are then hand-sanded and highlighted with an iridescent, turquoise dye. As a result, no piece of sturgeon skin is quite the same as the next. The sustainable nature of sturgeon skin is due to the manner in which it is harvested. The skin of the fish, raised for their caviar, is typically discarded after the caviar is collected. In repurposing and transforming the sturgeon skin into leather, the environmental impact of choosing an animal-based strap is lessened.


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